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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

20 July 1813 – Linares Campaign - Day 3

All four French corps move south.

7th corps attack El Hoyo with three brigades (fourth garrison Abenojar)
They defeat 1st Spanish corps, but are unable to occupy the town before nightfall
French lose 200 casualties, Spanish lose 1600

15th corps attack La Carolina, also with only three brigades
They defeat 2nd Spanish corps, but again are unable to occupy the town before night.
The Poles lose 400 casualties, the Spanish lose 2400.

8th and 16th corps pin the main Spanish Army at Baylen

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

20 July 1813 – Battle of La Carolina

Tactical map of battle area
General Jubert has orders to attack the town of La Carolina with his Vistula Legion.   One of his infantry brigades has been detached to garrison Almargo.

The town is on the right of the Spanish deployment and is garrisoned by militia brigade.   General Espana has deployed his 2nd corps in front of the town.

This battle is being fought at the same time as El Hoyo, which is on the left of the Spanish deployment.

Spanish – 16000 infantry, 1000 cavalry, 30 guns
French – 12000 infantry, 1000 cavalry, 30 guns
Table at start of wargame
The Spanish militia brigade is in the right hand section of La Carolina.
2nd Spanish corps has been deployed to hold the approach to the town
15th Vistula corps will enter the table on the road top centre      

The Poles have started to arrive behind their deployed cavalry screen
The Spanish cavalry have moved on to the hill on the left flank
One infantry brigade has been sent to garrison the village on the right flank
The Poles continue to arrive on the table
The Spanish artillery have unlimbered
One infantry brigade has formed square to protect the gunners
Another brigade continues to occupy the village on the right
The Poles start to deploy out of artillery range
The Spanish continue to occupy the village

The Polish artillery advance so that they can unlimber in range of the Spanish
The Spanish gunners open fire on them, but fail to inflict any casualties
The Spanish infantry have completed their occupation of the village
Polish cavalry advance to pin Spanish lancers
Polish infantry advance and start to deploy
Polish artillery man handle into range
Spanish wait for French to advance into artillery range

Polish infantry complete their deployment
Spanish artillery open fire on French gunners, but no casualties

Jubert is aware that the Poles must start their attack or run out of time
Artillery opens fire on Spanish infantry, cause 400 casualties
Cavalry move onto hill to engage Spanish lancers
Infantry advance into artillery range
Spanish are unable to react because they moved first this turn
Spanish infantry pass their morale test for casualties
Spanish win dice throw and move first this turn
Spanish lancers charge and win melee
Spanish artillery fire on infantry, no hits
Polish lancers lose melee and retire shaken
Polish infantry continue to advance
Polish cavalry withdraw behind supports to rally
Polish infantry continue to advance
Polish artillery fire on enemy, but no casualties
Spanish cavalry retreat towards supports to rally
Spanish infantry move to join front line
Spanish gunners manhandle guns back to infantry
Polish infantry continue to advance
Polish cavalry rally and advance in support
Spanish cavalry retreat to supports to rally
Spanish artillery fire, but no casualties
Spanish infantry complete deployment

Polish cavalry charge guns but are shaken and retreat with 100 casualties
Polish infantry charge and rout both Spanish infantry brigades
The garrison of the nearby village join rout
The gunners also join the rout

Espana has lost three of his four brigades in rout, plus his gunners
He still holds the town, and have one infantry and his cavalry brigade intact
He must decide whether to continue to hold the town or retreat

The Poles have lost their cavalry in rout and suffered minor infantry casualties

The Poles have lost 500 casualties and cavalry in rout
The Spanish have lost 2400 casualties and three brigades, plus gunners, in rout

The Spanish hold the town at nightfall and can claim a victory
However 2nd corps are broken and the town cannot hold without support